This is my last fix for this Jelly Bean ROM PICOpad GEW, the cover auto-off / wake-up feature and smarthandsfree now working. I’m not adding any new tweaks this time, just a pure fix from my before custom rom revision 2.01_A328. Because not all users through the same path, then follows I repeat all the features of this custom rom.

Here we go the features :

  • Android 4.1 with 3.4 kernel
  • Rooted, busybox, fully deodexed, zipaligned
  • build.prop tweaks (network, wifi, hsdpa, streaming, dalvik, safe-battery, etc)
  • rooted boot.img
  • init.d support + more tweak
  • Superuser by Clockworkmod (thanks to Koush)
  • some gapps 4.2 applications (taken from my nexus4)
  • entropy generator tweak (thanks to lambgx02)
  • Removed chinese bloatware / malware apps
  • Fix Smart Bright and Exact Mode features
  • Fix leather cover auto off / wake up feature
  • Fix Smart HandsFree feature
  • … something i forgot to list

And here is the custom rom :

Download : picopad_gew_2.03_A410_jfdesignnet_040913_100738
Mirror        : picopad_gew_2.03_A410_jfdesignnet_040913_100738
MD5sum   : d84697ac14cb9f2ef0a2e74aa93e794b

Known Limitation :

  • Photosphere not working and will never works on this picopad GEW since photosphere needs gyroscope to work. There is no gyroscope sensor on this picopad GEW. So, this isn’t a bug, and don’t bother asking why photosphere not working, ok ?
  • Some additional applications from me such as MXPlayer, FlashPlayer, Adobe Reader, YouTube, i put on the data partition for easy uninstall reason (for novice users). Thus, if you Factory Reset the device, this added apps will gone. This is not bugs, this is a feature and i did that on purpose.

And here is the steps to flash this custom rom :

Requirement and Preparation :

  • Read this thoroughly :
    Your warranty is now void !!!
    I am not responsible if you brick your phone, get stuck in a bootloop, or if your phone grows arms and tries to kill you. Flash at your own risk!
    Please do some research if you have any concerns about risk of flashing a custom rom before continuing! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you!!
    If you have any other objection, don’t bother to comment, just close this page!
  • This custom rom need a custom recovery to flashed into the device, if you haven’t got it, get it here : TWRP and CWM recovery PICOpad GEW. Both are working good for this device, get it whichever you like.

Flashing Process :

The steps to flash this custom rom is pretty straight forward :

  • Download the custom rom from link above and copy it to the root of your sdcard, you may check it first with your file manager to confirm it was there. There are two sdcard storage on this device, so you must know it’s at the internal sdcard or external sdcard. I prefer you to put this on external sdcard to avoid any difficulties.
  • Boot into recovery mode by turning off your phone, hold down Volume + button then press power button, hold them both until you see axioo logo on screen then release it. Wait a sec or two … then you’ll be in recovery mode.
  • BACKUP your stock rom and data using BACKUP feature, make sure you use external storage as destination because this backup is relatively big.
  • Choose Wipe Data / Factory reset and execute it.
  • Choose Wipe cache partition and execute it
  • Choose Wipe Dalvik Cache and execute it
  • Go back to main menu, and choose Install
  • It will open a list of file on your sdcard, choose the custom rom zip file that you put on step 1 and flash it.
  • After the installation completed, choose Reboot System
  • Done

Here is the result after flash :

Repartition Internal Storage into 2Gb :

If you want to repartition the internal storage from 512Mb into 2Gb, you can use my old script : Repartition mod PICOpad GEW 2Gb Internal Storage and enjoy large space for all your applications.

Swap External SDCard and USB Phone Storage :

Some of heavy gamers needs to install many or some of huge size application that will consume the system or data space in their internal storage. The above 2Gb extra space suddenly become so tiny and useless, and the only way out is extending them using app2sd unto external sdcard. Here is the script of mine : to swap the internal USB phone storage with the external SDCard. The system will see the external sdcard as their USB Phone Storage with this script. I create and write on that article, the script is for PICOpad GEA, but it will work also for this PICOpad GEW.
However, please remember, anytime you’re using app2sd, your device speed performance is compromised. so if you’re satisfied with 2gb space for apps, don’t use app2sd.

DPI change feature :

I am no longer change the default DPI for this custom rom and leave it as it is from now on. There are users who delighted and grateful by the dpi change on my past custom rom (usually teenage), but many also are grumpy because that was too tiny for their old eyes … so i wash my hand.
If you want to change the dpi of this custom rom, do it yourself. There are many applications on playstore who can do this easily. One thing you must know, if you change the dpi of your device, some application will not show up on playstore because of this modification. Somehow google will check the dpi of your device for compatibility with the application you want to search or install. To trick this, you can use this MultiDPI hack of playstore apk, so it will ignore the dpi checking by google.

Custom ROM in SPFlashTool Format :

This is for future, no need to use this format for now.
One day, axioo will release their own Jelly Bean stock rom, and i can guarantee 101% they will use different partition than mine. So, for future user who wants to use this custom rom replacing the stock rom axioo Jelly Bean, you must use this SPFlashtool format custom rom to flash and repartition your device, because if not you will getting into bootloop.
Download and flash this image using SPFlashtool and everything will be good.

Download : PICOpad_GEW_2.03_A410_jfdesignnet.rar
MD5sum   : 390ed13c31c259f5277293c5361db0d2

This SPFlashtool format custom rom already included my TWRP-GEW recovery, rooted boot.img and my PICOpad GEW Rev. 2.03_A410 custom rom.

Enjoy Jelly Bean on your PICOpad GEW.

Added on 10/05/2013 :

Asking my chinese friend to fix the Export Import simcard issue, and he finally made it, here is i create the update zip for you to easy install using recovery.

Download : or here.