The latest 7 inch tablet from axioo with model name S5T. It’s using spreadtrum sc9832a, 1024×600 display resolution with 1Gb ram. You may also check the complete specification of this model on axiooworld site.
Made a custom rom for this S5T model as usual, free from bloatware and had root by default. I also include the lite version of google search (named as GoogleGo) and also YoutubeGo as an alternative lite version of Youtube, which both preserve a small memory footprints and greater data savings due to a small memory of this model, while still maintaining performance in the other hand. At the time I wrote this article the MapsGo still not ready for primetime so I cannot include that also, but I believe it will be ready in a couple of weeks. With GoogleGo, YoutubeGo, MapsGo and also data savings feature on Chrome browser, this could become a great combo data savings for us who always limited by internet quota.

Here is the custom rom :

Download : s5t_jfdesignnet_R151217.rar
Md5 : 56e86055add10d758f8182f491f631d7

And here is the steps to flash this custom rom :

Requirement and Preparation :

  • Read this thoroughly :
    I am not responsible if you brick your phone, get stuck in a bootloop, or if your phone grows arms and tries to kill you. Flash at your own risk!
    Please do some research if you have any concerns about risk of flashing a custom rom before continuing! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you!!
    If you have any other objection, don’t bother to comment, just close this page!
  • I’m not creating custom recovery for this model because of several difficulties, this time only custom rom in spreadtrum flashtool format, so you will need UpgradeDownload software to flash this custom rom. If you don’t have it, you can get it from here : UpgradeDownload_R4.0.0001. DO NOT use any other flash tool software or version other than that or you may  potentially bricked your device forever!! Please pay attention on this, you’ve been warned. As always, if you have any other objection about you cannot trust the flash tool (UpgradeDownload software tool) I include in this post, please do not use this custom rom, is as easy as that. If you stubborn enough to continue with your own tool, then you’re on your own!

Flashing Process :

The steps to flash this custom rom using UpgradeDownload software is easy :

  1. Install UpgradeDownload software and it’s driver. I cannot explain the steps installation of this software and the spreadtrum driver because I don’t use winblows, worse, I know nothing about winblows device manager, etc. Please find your own way to install UpgradeDownload software correctly and I’m very sorry I cannot support any question about this. It isn’t because i don’t want to, but merely because lack of knowledge, I don’t think is wise to asked anything on me about winblows os that I never use.
  2. Download and extract the custom rom in rar format into some folder, it should be shows one big pac file.
  3. Open the UpgradeDownload software and load the pac file on step 2 using Load Packet button (the gear button on the top most left button). It will need some time to load the enormous size of this pac rom to your computer, relax, that is normal.
  4. Press Start Download button (the one with arrow or play symbol on it). This will put the UpgradeDownload software in standby mode waiting for the device to be flash.
  5. Press the volume down on the device, hold it and then insert the usb cable. When you see the blue progress bar start running, then you can release the volume down button. Wait until the progress finish and you should be good.

If everything ok and the flashing succeeded, then you can unplugged the usb cable. Push the power button for at least 10 seconds then release it. The device will boot and showing the “axioo powered by android” logo. First time boot will take a little longer than usual boot, … relax, that is normal, the system needs to populate the odex cache on the first run. After that long wait, then you may see this screenshots on yours :

Some notes :

4G LTE mode switch

This device model had 4G LTE hardware capability, but the software / rom is set by default to not showing the 4G LTE capability on Settings menu. So, after flashing a new custom rom, you have to enter a code manually to activate the 4G LTE menu.
Open phone Dialer and enter this code to enable 4G LTE settings menu : *#9902#
Then reboot the device and the 4G LTE feature and settings on this device is all set.
Here is the look, before and after entering the code on Cellular Data Network Settings menu :

Happy Flashing and see ya !