Maybe this is my last custom rom for the PICOphone X-one, I will not create again since there is no kernel upgrade from the manufacturer, no kernel source, no device tree source to work with, no fun, so it’s pretty much stuck to jellybean release. Another reason is, my porting and customizing tools also already deprecated much especially the SDK API and the java version, and I must go on with portability to kitkat and lollipop release for other devices, the jellybean is obsolete.

Ok, let’s continue, I get this rom from Gionee Dream D1 stock rom Indian release and Walton Primo X1 from Bangladesh release. Looks like they both pretty much build from the same source and it’s a good release. They both have zram included and runs pretty smooth and stable according from my friends feedback who already use it for a couple of months.

The bad news is, the kernel and partition layout scheme is far way different with stock rom from Axioo, it means also not compatible with all of my custom roms too.
To not gives a bad taste to axioo with many problems regarding to this partition incompatilbity, so I create this rom ONLY in spflashtool format. You have to re-flash the device with spflashtool to use this rom release and it will not compatible with all of my mods. Do not flash any of my custom rom before this into this rom or you will only got bootloop.

This is the DREAM rom :

Download : picophone_xone_dreamd1_jfdesignnet_R040815.rar

MD5 : dca570fee7b4b578c8f08f6a12dec6e9

And this is the PRIMO rom :

Download : picophone_xone_primox1_jfdesignnet_R030815.rar

MD5 : 67a6474c2290b8296a3efa5fa866eef4

Very sorry I cannot give a how to flash this rom using spflashtool, you can refer to this tutorial : MT65xx Flashing Tutorial.

Features and Highlights

this rom is not rooted because of several reason I cannot tell. However, is easy how to root yourself using my custom recovery and SuperSU zip from chainfire.

2.7Gb Internal Storage
I already included a big 2.7Gb partition for Internal Storage for your application data on this rom. The phone storage is reduced to 100Mb only, so the disadvantage is clear, you have to use external sdcard to save your work and media files. If you not inserting the external sdcard many applications will throw errors because they cannot save the outputs. Consider to buy an external sdcard before using this rom, it’s cheap and life is too short to argue.