A friend of mine ask a pixel launcher for his Venge X, just like on pixel or pixel xl device from google. At this time being, the pixel launcher is already on playstore but only available for pixel and pixel xl devices that using nougat release. After some adjustment and make it work smooth on marshmallow release of this venge x model, then I share here also for all of you.

‌‌This is still the same marshmallow rom release from my previous release, I only replace the Gnow Launcher with Pixel Launcher and add some more complementary apps. Here is the complete list what I have change on ROM feature :

  • Marshmallow 6.0 MRA58K
  • Pixel Boot Animation
  • Pixel Ringtones and Notifications sounds
  • Pixel GBoard Keyboard LatinIME
  • Pixel Google Wallpapers
  • Fully updated all gapps package on 5Jan2017
  • Latest SuperSU with SR1 patch v2.79-SR1-20161221223537 with dm-verity disabled (Thanks to Chainfire)
  • Fully odexed all system apps for faster boot and small footprints on internal
  • Something I forgot to list …

Download : venge_x-6.0-pixel-050117-signed.zip

MD5 : 9d9a026829e243111f323bfe2274c270

Comparing to other rom release size, this rom is immensely huge. Why? This is 64bit arch rom but the 32bit libraries and odex oat is also included from mediatek for compatibility and stability reason. So, it’s not about bloatware or unnecessary packages.

Requirement and Preparation :

  • Read this thoroughly :
    I am not responsible if you brick your phone, get stuck in a bootloop, or if your phone grows arms and tries to kill you. Flash at your own risk!
    Please do some research if you have any concerns about risk of flashing a custom rom before continuing! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you!!
    If you have any other objection, don’t bother to comment, just close this page!
  • I repeat, This custom rom need a marshmallow stockrom partition layout from axioo. You must already use the marshmallow os version from axioo or my marshmallow custom rom before flashing this custom rom. Please visit nearest axioo itclinic, axioo support center or downloading from axioo website for the marshmallow stock rom. Don’t ask me, I don’t have any.
  • This custom rom also need marshmallow version custom recovery, the lollipop version of SELinux is different and you may experience SuperSU problem if you insist. If you haven’t got it, get it from here : custom recovery TWRP for Axioo Venge X

Flashing Process :

The steps to flash this custom rom is easy and straightforward, please make sure you follow the steps carefully :

  • Preparing custom rom zip : Download the custom rom from link above and copy it to the root of your sdcard, you may check it first with your file manager to confirm it was there. There are two sdcard storage on this device, so you must know it’s at the internal sdcard or external sdcard. I prefer you to put this on external sdcard to avoid any difficulties.
  • Get into Recovery : Boot into recovery mode by turning off your phone, hold down Volume Up button then press power button, hold them both until you see the recovery menu then release it. The recovery menu will show about 3 options, Recovery, Fastboot and Normal Mode. Select the Recovery options using Volume Up button and press Enter using Volume Down button. Wait a sec or two … then you’ll be in recovery mode.
  • Factory Reset : Choose Wipe and do Factory Reset.
  • Install the custom rom zip : Go to Install, choose the storage location where you put the custom rom on step 1 and install it.
  • Installation completed : After the installation completed, choose Reboot System
  • Done

If everything is smooth, then you will see this as a result :

I want the Pixel Launcher only, I don’t want to wipe my data !!!

You can. My friend who ask this Pixel Launcher feature isn’t a tech savvy person, he only can use and know nothing about flashing and hacking. That’s why I create this in zip rom model so I can guide him easily by phone how to flash the zip using twrp without having to struggle with his previous OS condition. You know, because using this way will always wipe all his current data or Factory Reset, thus … is risk free for me and him.
For you who got more knowledge than him, and you already using my marshmallow custom rom, actually you can install the Pixel Launcher directly using zip package, so you don’t have to lose all your data and settings. If anything bad happen because of your previous OS configuration, you can try to fix it yourself … and remember, you can always use the complete rom above just like my friend, okay ? Here we go :

Original white theme from Pixel :

Download : signed_venge_x-pixel.zip

Modified Dark transparent theme :

Download : signed_venge_x-pixel-dark.zip

Flash it using my twrp and reboot, no need to wipe the data. Beware, this zip is ONLY compatible with my marshmallow custom rom !! You cannot use it for other device or stock rom from axioo.

Other notes from me :

Pixel weather widget
You can directly check the weather from weather widget on home screen. To have this you must setup Google Now correctly. First, make sure you already enabled High Accuracy and Google Location History on Google Settings page on Settings. Second, swipe to google now card page from home screen and go to Settings, choose Your Feed and make sure Get Notified on Weather is Enabled.
Give some time for the device to get an updated weather condition from the internet, and if everything is okay then it will perform like this :

(sorry about the portrait orientation and unnecessary audio, I wasn’t plan this to be on youtube, only a glimpse preview send on chat for my friend who wants to know how it works.)

Google Assistant
This is a really nice feature eventhough it’s only available for English and German. I have not include this on the rom because it was specifically designed for nougat API from the very beginning by google and … the fact is, it wasn’t fully compatible with marshmallow release and other device than pixel. Already tried this intensively, but somehow the “OK Google” hotword seems no longer working, then I drop the case.
For you who may wants to go deep, here is the diy how to on xda about Google Assistant, however it’s only a hack to bypass the pixel device detection methods.

Have fun and Happy New Year.