Another cute 4inch smartphone release from axioo, this time with MT6580, quadcore 1.3GHz cortex-A7 and with Mali gpu 400MP2 which is dual core gpu. The data connection is 3G hsdpa, not 4G LTE and the resolution is tiny at 480×800 but had an IPS display. This is a custom rom I made for this M4S model based from the stock rom :

Features :

  • Android 5.1 lollipop
  • Rooted, busybox, zipaligned
  • Latest Playservice gapps
  • fully debloated
  • SuperSU (thanks to chainfire)
  • … something I forgot to list

Here is the custom rom :

EDIT 08Dec2016 :

Around end of november 2016, the m4s version two : M4S-V2 model appear on the market. The specs, physical and internal are exactly the same as m4s model, except this version 2 is using different lcd panel from another supplier … thus I need to re-create the custom rom because it has different lcd driver. This custom rom IS NOT backward compatible with version 1, and vice versa, I repeat, … it cannot interchangeable. The V1 model should have build number before 20161110 and V2 model should have build number release as 20161110 or newer.
There are two roms on this article page, one is for version 1 of m4s and the other is for version 2, be careful choosing one is for you. If coincidentally you’re flash the wrong rom, then no worry … you would see some abnormally display such as flickering screen or upside down screen. Just reflash the correct rom and you should be okay.

M4S :

Download :

MD5 : e9dbf9c131ed42d39f895573fdb033e5

M4S V2 :
I repeat again one last time for buddy who likes to just click without reading the story : This is not an Update dude !
This version 2 rom is for latest m4s device release which has a different type LCD display driver than previous release. DO NOT use this version 2 rom on version 1 device or vice versa !

Download :

MD5 : f8fbd3adf0c4843f69a82acf46a1016d

And here is the steps to flash this custom rom :

Requirement and Preparation :

  • Read this thoroughly :
    I am not responsible if you brick your phone, get stuck in a bootloop, or if your phone grows arms and tries to kill you. Flash at your own risk!
    Please do some research if you have any concerns about risk of flashing a custom rom before continuing! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you!!
    If you have any other objection, don’t bother to comment, just close this page!
  • This custom rom need a custom recovery to flashed into the device, if you haven’t got it, get it here : custom recovery Picophone M4S

Flashing Process :

The steps to flash this custom rom is pretty straight forward :

  • Download the custom rom from link above and copy it to the root of your sdcard, you may check it first with your file manager to confirm it was there. There are two sdcard storage on this device, so you must know it’s at the internal sdcard or external sdcard. I prefer you to put this on external sdcard to avoid any difficulties.
  • Before reboot into recovery and flash the custom rom, make sure you DELETE ALL Google Account from your device. Go to Settings -> Account and remove all the account from the list. This model was equipped with Google Device Protection feature from the stock rom. If you forget to delete the Google account and flash this custom rom, on a first boot after flashing, you will be asked to enter the previous google account and cannot continue before you correctly fill in the previous Google account and it’s password. Read more details about this protection feature on my article about Google Device Protection Feature.
  • Boot into recovery mode by turning off your phone, hold down Volume Up button then press power button, hold them both until you see the recovery menu then release it. The recovery menu will show about 3 options, Recovery, Fastboot and Normal Mode. Select the Recovery options using Volume Up button and press Enter using Volume Down button. Wait a sec or two … then you’ll be in recovery mode.
  • BACKUP your stock rom and data using BACKUP feature, make sure you use external storage as destination because this backup is relatively big.
  • Choose Wipe Data / Factory reset and execute it.
  • Go back to main menu, and choose Install
  • It will open a list of file on your sdcard, choose the custom rom zip file that you put on step 1 and flash it.
  • After the installation completed, choose Reboot System
  • Done

If everything okay, you will see this screenshots on yours :

Happy flashing your Picophone M4S !