There are two famous recovery application for android, which is TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) and CWM (Clockworkmod Recovery). They both build by amazing developers and they both do pretty much the same thing, which are : allows you to perform several advanced recovery, restoration, installation and maintenance operations on your Android device that aren’t possible with the stock recovery, and is one of the most common ways used to gain root access, back up device data, install a custom ROMs, kernels, themes, mods and more. Which one is better? I can say both program are very good, but personally, I like TWRP better. CWM seems to be more popular, though. The main thing I like about TWRP is the USB OTG functions and smaller backup footprint but besides that, CWM works just as well.

Here is i build the two flavour of them for axioo users, whichever one you prefer, you can have it :


Download : recovery-twrp-gjt.img


Download : recovery-cwm-gjt.img

This 10inch tablet PICOpad GJT and PICOpad GJE is pretty much the same device, and have the same specs including the internal peripheral, the only differencies is the software OS which means maybe from different vendor, thus you can use this both recovery twrp and cwm for both models without problems.


To install this recovery application on your axioo PICOpad device is very easy, follow this steps and you’l be good :

  • Download the recovery img file whichever you want from above link, and rename it as recovery.img and copy them to the root of the sdcard.
  • Download the installer script, extract it into and put it on the root of the sdcard.
  • Install Android Terminal Emulator from PlaysStore and run it
  • In Android Terminal Emulator, type this :
$ su
# cd /mnt/sdcard
# sh
  • To reboot into recovery just use the settings menu, Go to Settings Menu -> Back up and Reset -> Reboot into recovery mode if you’re on stock rom.
  • Done

I believe there are no key shortcut from the power off state to enter recovery mode on this device, at least i cannot find it, … so, you can only reboot into recovery from the system, if you’re using stock rom use the Reboot into Recovery from Settings menu, and if you’re using cm base from ugers, ctroy, shaun, …etc, you must use cyanogenmod advanced reboot menu from developer option, or you can use this reboot-recovery script if you’re using your DIY-build like me.

I don’t test this myself since i have no device to borrow, but some of my friends confirms it works good on theirs. Thank you for Fajar Kurniawan who tested the cwm version on another thread of this blog, and also Rinaldi who tested the twrp version.

Have fun flashing ROM and mods on your PICOpad device.


Axioo is really messed up when dealing with device model naming. Be really careful when detecting the device model of your own device, especially when dealing with custom rom, custom recovery or repartition mods from this site! If you careless and flash the wrong mods, it may damage your device forever!
This GJE / GJE device has allwinner a10 chipset, not MTK !!! for GJE3 series with MTK chipsets, go here