This awesome framework was gain many reputation on many android forums lately, made by rovo89 a recognized developer on xda, you may visit the the thread here to read the complete explanation what and how this framework work. Basically, this framework will open the android framework capability to accept external parameter, resources, method, intent and even modifying or replacing the return value. With this advantage, the android framework now can be intercepted and accept many customize value without have to recompile again. He also create a modularize system for developers to create customization module, including GravityBox module. With this Xposed framework, the customization possibilities is limitless. this is an awesome work. You may check the supported modules here.

In the custom rom i’ve made, i’m not integrating the Xposed framework into the system for some several reason, but I already included the installer on the data area, and all you have to do is to install them on your own before you can use it, and here is the steps :

  1. Run the Xposed Framework and click Install
  2. Reboot
  3. Run the Xposed Framework again and choose Module
  4. Enable the GravityBox module
  5. Reboot

After reboot, run the GravityBox and you will have many many customization to personalize your device. Here are few :

Not many enough ? then just go back to the Xposed Framework module and download some other module and try yourself. I personally also using this Xposed framework on my s4 and never want to look back ever again, this is a powerful tool for customization and it’s really fun to play with the modules and coding it.

Happy customizing !